Snow Angels

The Path - B&W

To Chelsea

in The Snow

I go.

Little L’Angels


to Glow.



Ammi, Emmie, and Zinnias

Thank you, Ammi
forever always
loving me.

I’ve tried so hard,
a blinded

Every tomorrow’s
My bury denial.

Alive a while,
my life a trial
You make me smile.

“Doom and gloom”
swept away
by your broom.

Thank you, Ammi
for-never, ever
losing faith…
in February two.
I love you.


Script Light

Pill Case

Staring down the barrel

of an Rx arsenal

custom designed to ease

the demons inside

my ‘abnormal’ mind.

I don’t want to live

popping these pills

whose effects are dark

to help me fight

inside, The Light.

It’s black, it’s true

it’s black and blue

without these pills

The Light is Bright

I’ll win this Fight.


Angel Poem Final

The Christmas Rose

Christmas Rose IVChristmas Rose Iimage

The Light Fades


In the moonlight

of the sunlight

and the dryspell

of the rain,

One stands naught

to gain.

Darkness will bind

The Lightness, lifting

blinds; hindsight.

As the light fades

each and everyday

My Light Inside

seems to fade away.

The Sun Never Says

The Sun of The Great Swamp



All this time

The sun never says to the earth,

“You owe



What happens

With a love like that;

It lights the




Fallings on a Sunbeam

“The Days of Dark”


Ayesha R. Gill, Blue Angel Ayes


La Fleur Avec Moi Nom DSC_0102 Aster Ice

Nothing makes the world so cold,

the world so cold and bleak

nothing makes the world so cold as the sun’s retreat

the days grow dark in night’s new shawl

green leaves turn shades and fall

short summers gone and nights are long

before the winter fall

the flowers die and I do sigh

for death is all I see

as days grow dark in night’s new shawl

forever this repeats.

Nothing makes the world so cold, the world so cold and bleak

nothing makes the world so cold as the sun’s retreat

the days grow dark in night’s new shawl

the moonlight makes us small

the air is crisp the heat grows weak

the winter wakes from sleep

collecting nuts to stay alive

the chipmunk takes his keep

the winter wants to prey again

upon the weakest link. 

Nothing makes the world so cold, the world so cold and bleak

nothing makes the world so cold as the sun’s retreat

the days grow dark in night’s new shawl

the clocks turn back and weep

the sunlight has retreated now

for months we all shall sleep

until the day she shines again

warmth we all shall seek

but in these bitter winter months

love is all we’ll keep.

DSC_0116 cropped-dsc_0095.jpg Ayesha

Frelinghuysen Arboretum

Anemone’s Windflower

Anemone II

Skyline Serena’s Perennial Garden II

Zinnia Rudbekia Hirta Hardy Geranium Phlox (David) Coreopsis (Moonbeam) Coreopsis (Moonbeam) Zinnia Gallardia

The Celestial Sound of Pells Voice

Pells Voice

Click play, relax, and enjoy the music, compliments of The Pathologist, The Dentist, and The Accountant.

The Red Knight

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Close Up.”

The Red Knight

The Entropy


Skyline Serena’s Perennial Gardens

DSC_0115DSC_0098-2DSC_0059DSC_0033-2DSC_0001-3DSC_0033 DSC_0001-2 DSC_0031 DSC_0010 DSC_0008 DSC_0006Anemone DSC_0095 DSC_0087 DSC_0077 DSC_0037 DSC_0012 DSC_0036 DSC_0008



In my heart there is one,

little darling in the sun;

all she wants to do is play

every single precious day.

She cannot be any sharper,

naught to six, Chelsea Harper;

all she wants to do is ride

it is good to be alive.

Everyday is warm and sunny,

every laugh is extra funny;

The Sea will always be sublime

we still have a joyful time.

Dancing eternally,

The Two

our Music staying

our Voices playing.

Sergeant Devitalization

Cold Metal Cuffs

a useless bluff.

Theft of pills

with intent to kill…

My Self.

Ammi, I did not say,


My Fragile State

I failed to abate…

I’d lost my Inner Strength.

impulsive departures

gave me custody

of two, class 3

felonies, awarded

To Me…

I will forNever

Surrender to Lies

seen by the blind.

One plea represents Me:

Not Guilty.





Today we are victims in a Police State.  Watch your back. The pigs want to attack.

Devoid Of A Void

Red reverberations trickle
but the Scarlet kinds

Scarlet Eyes
something I…
will always find.

Scarlet Eyes
something I…
did not design.

to Hope

the inverse
of Singing.

Scarlet eyes cry
by Suicide
She Dies.

Scarlet Eyes Dry.
The Child Inside
Is Still Alive.

She is
Of a Void.

She Perceives
She Believes.

She trades
Life’s Pain
for Faith.

My Scarlet Eyes

See Love, Above.

my Burnt Heart

beats in between

Majestic Wings,


Burnt Hearts Heal

~The Phoenix~

by Ayesha R. Gill

Dedicated to S.F., Forever Professor of Sun in Fire


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